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Keith Travis.


An Uncommon Practitioner


Hello and welcome. 

How can I help you?

Are you seeking help for anxiety or stress?

Do you have depression? 

Are you plagued by a phobia? 

Perhaps you want to stop smoking? 

Need more confidence? 

Want to lose some weight? 

Whatever your reason for looking here, I can offer you a confidential, friendly and professional hypnotherapy service, based on years of training and experience in Beccles, Bungay and Norwich


Many people can feel nervous at first about seeking help through hypnosis, but they soon change their minds as they enjoy a wonderful deeply relaxing experience and then start to achieve the outcome they are seeking. 


I practice diversified, client centered solution focused hypnosis. 

Which means we focus on the solution not the cause and that no two sessions are ever the same,since no two people (even with “the same issue”) are ever the same.

Find out how I can help you here!
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All sessions are £49 and are at least one hour long
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