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2 million overweight people eligable for surgery


By: Keith Travis

In the news today. 2 million people in the UK could be eligible for surgery because they are overweight. I have helped many people with weight problems. Some of them have had gastric band surgery before they come to me for help. One lady with a gastric band fitted told me "I can still have lots of chocolate because I melt it down and drink it”! The problem is not going to go away just because of surgery. Unless these people start to think about eating and what they eat differently they could always be unhealthily overweight. There are many reasons why some people eat the wrong foods. When people come to me for help to become slimmer one of the first things we discuss is what has been going on in their lives that may have caused them to eat the way they do. Quite often these things start in childhood, but many people start to overeat because there is something missing in their lives now. We all have needs that need to be met such as feeling valued,loved,respected. If those people’s needs are not being met it can quite often lead to depression and or overeating.
So having gastric band surgery is not going to address these needs. The way to lose weight is to address the reasons for overeating then the weight loss will follow.