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With the power of hypnosis you can start to relax again in situations that used to make you anxious.

Many people feel anxious in certain situations and this is perfectly normal and a good thing to help keep them safe.For instance if we did not have some anxiety when standing on the edge of a cliff we could put ourselves in danger.

It is when that anxiety gets out of hand though that people's lives can start to change dramatically and they find they can stop doing what they used to enjoy.

If we practice something enough we get so good at it that we can become an expert at it. In other words we do it without thinking about it.


So, if you would like to set yourself free from the type of anxiety that can take over your life contact me for a chat or make an appointment and you can start to move forward. Typically people who come to see me for help with anxiety have between 4 and 6 sessions; some though may need less or more.

Here are a couple of comments from people I have helped with anxiety.

Hi Keith,

I just wanted to say thankyou for everything. I think the hypnotherapy really helped. I do feel calmer and the grounding exercises have allowed me to take some time out when I get anxious. I feel like I can look at things from a more positive and objective angle too.

  Hi Keith
just to let you know that since my visit to you on Tuesday, i have noticed a huge change, i generally feel a lot better and happier in myself, my head seems clearer and my sleeping has greatly improved.
so pleased with the difference in just one visit.
Kind Regards M

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