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Emotional eating
"How do you tell?"

By: Keith Travis
Losing weight is a state of mind not a state of stomach.
Hypnosis talks to the part of the mind that causes people to eat when they are not truly hungry, the part that causes them to eat to “fill a space” in their life.

Many people eat when they are upset or sad or when they are lonely,
They usually find though that when they address those issues properly, that the unhelpful eating habits usually end quite quickly.

If someone is feeling lonely and they usually turn to food when that happens, then should they ask themselves what else they could do that would not involve eating and putting on weight to make them feel less lonely.
Some people phone friends or family for a chat, text someone, or go out and meet someone.

The problem is when people eat instead of dealing with whatever is making them sad, anxious, angry, lonely, or bored, after eating the chocolate, crisps cakes or biscuits which after all, only takes a minute or so to do, the problem that caused the eating is still there and quite often the result is they feel even worse long term, which then causes the over eating to reoccur again and again.

Quite often the eating to make ourselves “Feel better” starts in childhood
For example how many of us were told when we fell over as a child, “Lets get you an ice cream or some chocolate, that will make you feel better”
It’s a conditioning experience where we start to associate a treat with pleasant feelings and while those things can be pleasant for a few seconds they do not address the overriding problem that triggered the feeling for them.

So, how can we tell the difference between emotional hunger and true hunger?
Well, emotional hunger comes on fast while true hunger, if we have been eating properly comes on quite slowly. When a person understands which is which and then addresses the cause and not the symptoms the old habit can start to change.

Many people say that diets don’t work and if they did, why do people go continuously from one to another? (Usually finding they are heavier than when they started).
Really the only way to lose weight and then continue to maintain it is to sort out the issues that are causing the comfort eating.
And that is where hypnotherapy comes in……