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Fear of public speaking


By: Keith Travis
If you have a fear of public speaking you are not alone.
It is one of the biggest fears that people have.
You know how it feels, you spend weeks preparing your presentation to the best of your ability. You try and ignore the nervous feelings, and then you stand up at the meeting and Aaaah!!!! Your mouth becomes dry, your legs start to shake and your mind goes completely numb.
So why did that happen?
Well, your unconscious mind is mistakenly telling you that every time you do that sort of thing, you are in some sort of danger. Not physical danger but in danger of perhaps being emotionally hurt.
Maybe someone has made you feel silly in the past in front of other people or caused you to feel embarrassed about something you said or did and now when you start to even think about a similar situation your subconscious goes on major alert to keep you from having another bad experience.
Simply because the new experience could be even vaguely similar to the original bad experience your subconscious puts you into the “Fight or flight” mode and your body gets ready to run away from the situation. But you can’t run away, you have to stand up and sound eloquent and knowledgeable, so your emotions get in a muddle and you start to feel bad.
So the intention of the subconscious is good (to protect you) but the outcome (you go into meltdown) is bad.
So how can hypnosis help?
Hypnosis can help to re-educated your brain into the right sort of reactions for public speaking.
By using hypnosis, public speaking can actually become something you enjoy!