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Flying phobia
"I can help you to enjoy flying"

By:Keith Travis

Many people would like to go abroad this year for a holiday but can’t stand the thought of flying? The flying phobia may have started recently or a long time ago.
It can start in many ways, for instance, turbulence on a flight, maybe another bad memory on the plane or at the airport. People are not born with a flying phobia, it is something they have learned from an experience in the past.

If you are one of those people with a flying phobia, just imagine how it will feel when you can plan a holiday and not dread the journey each way. There is no need for you or your family to miss out any more. I can help you in as little as one session using a special technique that I have trained to do.

Here are some comments from some of my clients, who used to have a flying phobia.

Dear Mr Travis I said I would let you know how I got on after my session with you for fear of flying. Well I am absolutely amazed apart from just a slight wobble at take off I was fine. I even fell asleep, then watched out of the window for the last thirty minutes. I really am shocked but delighted that is has worked. Thanks again. JW.

I came to you for hypnotherapy about a month ago with a fear of flying. I was going to Andorra skiiing in Feburary, and I thought you would like to know that I was able to fly without the aid of medication and without the aid of music, something I have not done since my fear developed. Thank you so much! It was a very strange experience, no panic attacks and no anxiety! I am now hoping to fly to America later in the year something which I am now able to look forward to! So again thank you so much for your help! "

It really does take as little as one session to end the phobia. It is a painless, deeply relaxing, safe and pleasant experience.

I can help with other phobias as well, just as easily. So contact me now and start to enjoy the things, that phobia was stopping you from enjoying.

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