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Gastric Band Hypnosis


gastric band


Change your mind about food and become slimmer  


It really is that simple! 


Gastric band hypnotherapy has become the most popular treatment I help people with. 

I have been fine tuning this for over six years and continue to improve the method and have had some amazing results.  


My very successful Gastric band hypnosis takes just 4 sessions   

The four sessions each have an important purpose.  


Session one starts with a chat to find out the background of your eating behaviour. The information you give here will shape the following hypnosis sessions. After the initial chat you will receive your first hypnotherapy session. This is where you make the choice for yourself to start to change those old eating habits.  


Session two again starts with a chat to find out how you are progressing and to discover any other reasons why you may eat excessively or be eating the wrong types of food. The hypnosis session then follows in which you start to learn to eat differently. 


Session three again starts with a chat to find out how much progress you have made since the last session and to make any adjustments to what you have already achieved. The hypnotherapy session that follows then uses a relaxed visualisation to, in your imagination adjust your stomach size. 


 Session four once again starts with a chat to see how much progress you have made and again to address any underlying issues that may still need to be addressed. The gastric band hypnosis session then takes place. This includes a part of the session where you can again work with any issues or memories that may have affected you in your life and maybe caused the old eating behaviour.  


I have helped some clients to become slimmer by over 7 stone and it's very common for friends and relatives of former clients to come to see me as well after they have seen the positive results achieved. 

It works for any age group and I have helped people from age 16 to 72 with my gastric band hypnotherapy. 


I find more and more men are coming to see me to become slimmer as well and again it is very successful in helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

I have many clients who have had great success with this, including those who have lost 10 inches off their waist, lost 22 lbs in 4 weeks, lost over 3 stone in 9 weeks and dropped 3 sizes in 5 weeks. Some of these people had been going to weight loss classes for 15 years! You do not have to be on a diet for the rest of your life, hypnotherapy can help you to change once and for all.  


With my gastric band hypnotherapy you are not on a diet in the usual sense. Most people just lose interest in all those foods that made them put weight on in the first place. Hard to believe until you experience it!  


While I use a template that I have formulated for each session, I include the information you have given me within that template, which makes the session unique to you. I believe this is why my gastric band hypnotherapy has been so successful.  


My gastric band hypnotherapy is not a magic wand approach and you will need to have some willpower and really want to become slimmer. 

Nobody can guarantee by how much you will become slimmer, because every one is different. 


You will however find that when you do follow the instructions given that you should soon start to become slimmer and enjoy a long healthy lifestyle. 

There are many reasons why we overeat or put weight on, if they are not due to medical conditions then hypnotherapy can assist in helping you to achieve your desired weight.


This is a very successful way to become slimmer and keep that extra weight off. 

Because it is your mind that tells you to eat, it is your mind that needs to change before you can become slimmer and stay that way. That is why dieting alone does not work for many people. They reduce their weight but their mind still craves food and so their weight Yo Yo's up and down. 

You could have the fat removed from your body but before long if you haven't changed your mind about food the weight will just pile on again. Do you really want to be on a diet for the rest of your life or have to keep going back to have the fat removed? Imagine what that would be like.  


Someone once said "If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got" and that is so true with eating habits and dieting. That is why hypnotherapy is so successful for attaining a healthier relationship with food; it helps you to stop doing what you have always done. 

Gastric band hypnosis is £49.00 a session and Includes a CD or MP3 download made for you to reinforce the benefits made during the sessions.