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Remember how to remember


By: Keith Travis
Do you have a problem remembering some things?
Sometimes we say we can’t remember something, like where we parked the car in the supermarket car park.
What has really happened though is you did not take time to remember it in the first place!

Imagine the scene, you drive into the car park, you may spend some time going round to find a parking space, you may be chatting as you get out of the car and you are thinking about what you need to buy. You are relieved that you found a space to park in and you hurry off into the supermarket.

When you come out after 20 minutes shopping and queuing you look at the car park and think “Now where did I park the car? “

I guarantee if when you first get out of the car you make a mental note of where you are parked, for instance near the trolley park or near a sign you will remember every time where you parked. Try it and see, you do actually have an amazing memory, It’s what you focus your mind on that needs attention.

Here is a great tip to help remember passwords or pin numbers.

Make them into pictures that tell a story for instance

If you pin number was 3370
Imagine that there are two seagulls flying in the air (The two 3s)
Then imagine they land on a cliff (the 7)
And lay an egg (The 0)

So your pin number is two seagulls landing on a cliff and laying an egg !

It’s easier to remember images than numbers.
Passwords can be remembered by making them memorable in a similar way
For your password choose a good image, for instance a password could be




You can add numbers and symbols to theses as well


2 cloudyskies


You can also turn a pin number into a string of words using the numbers as the letters of the alphabet and then the letters as the start of the words

And so on

So if your pin was 1244
That would be ABDD

You could remember that as A Big Dog Dancing

So every time you use your card as you take it out of your wallet or purse you can think of a big dog dancing with your card in its mouth! A(1) Big(2) Dog(4) Dancing (4)

There are lots of ways to remember things but the more imagination you use in the first place the easier it becomes.