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No Smoking day
By: Keith Travis
On 14th March in the UK its No Smoking Day. The British Heart Foundation say that 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your blood pressure and pulse return to normal, after 48 hours, no nicotine will be left in your body, your senses of taste and smell are greatly improved, after 3 days your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase. All good reasons to give up once and for all.

There are of course many other reasons to give up and I am sure you can think of these.

I remember a friend of mine who tried to give up many times several years ago.He would go a week or two and then would say to himself “Just have one it won’t hurt”. I’m sure you know what happened next!

He knew the dangers of smoking and he knew he would save a lot of money if he gave up but there was something stopping him from ending the habit once and for all.

So how did he finally do it?

Well, he had a hypnotic experience. Not though by going to see a hypnotherapist.

This is what happened.

He was in his car with his fiancé and they were having an argument about money. They were saving up to get married at the time and she announced that she was planning to spend some money on something he disagreed with. He said he didn’t think they could afford it. She came back with “Well you buy your cigarettes”. For some reason this resonated with him and he said “Ok I won’t have them any more” he threw the packet of cigarettes out of the window and never smoked again. No withdrawal symptoms, no half doubts, no going back.

So what happened? Well when we get angry or have some other strong emotion we do go into a type of hypnotic state. Have you ever had an argument and thought afterwards when everything had calmed down again “Whatever made me say that?” You were in a type of hypnosis where everything closes down except the flight or fight response which puts you on alert to survive any attack verbal or otherwise.In this heightened state of awareness a suggestion, image or event can stay locked in your mind.

Now I am certainly not suggesting you have an argument with someone to enable you to give up smoking. But it shows how the hypnotic state and suggestion can change your thoughts and you could even give up smoking.