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By: Keith Travis 
Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and you should always seek medical help if it is prolonged. Pain should be taken seriously and never treated as just ‘all in the mind’.

But if you are suffering inscrutable pain what can you do apart from take pain killers?
When you are in pain maybe in your back how do you know? What is telling you it is painful? Of course it is your mind that is telling you.
So if you could change your mind could you change the perception of the pain?
There is great evidence to say that this is so and hypnosis/self hypnosis is one of the tools you could use.
Hypnosis has even been used on the battlefield, for instance in battlefield analgesia where access to pain-killers is not practical. It has also been used for surviving pain, or mental pressure under torture.

Pain causes an emotional response within us and emotions tend to lead us in to black and white thinking. For example,either the pain is there or it is not!
But in reality there can be more or less pain. It can feel more or less comfortable and this is where hypnosis can be positively helpful.

When you start to relax by using hypnosis you can start to adjust the pain perception in your mind. Albert Einstein said “What the mind can conceive the mind can achieve” So if the pain is in your mind, by changing your perception of that pain by mentally lowering it you should and do usually notice some relief.
Simply relaxing will help the pain, although it can be hard to relax when something is stabbing you in the back. But by using the techniques of hypnosis you can gradually relax more and more until you feel comfortable. Of course relaxing is not only good for your mind it can also help the physical healing process as well. You can become an expert at knowing what pain feels like if you have it every day, by the same token though you could win gold for Britain in relaxation if you started to train every day.

An increasingly useful method to cope with pain is mindfulness hypnotherapy
Mindfulness was developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zin during the 1980s at a pain relief clinic in America. It is based on Buddhist meditation but you don’t need to be a Buddhist to get the benefits. Mindfulness is about learning to let go of thoughts for instance where pain is the predominant thought. With practice (usually about 6 to 8 weeks) one can become quite proficient at mindfulness and you should start to notice the benefits. So eight weeks from now you could be feeling a lot more comfortable if you start to practice mindfulness. There is a short mindfulness exercise for free on this website.See "What is mindfulness"