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Relaxing through hypnosis can increase your chance of conceiving


By: Keith Travis
Relaxing through hypnosis can increase your chance of conceiving

Maybe you've had IVF and it hasn't worked yet. Fertility treatments don’t work for everyone, but the good news is that hypnosis can make you more fertile.

In fact, research has shown that hypnosis doubles the success of IVF treatment so your chances of becoming pregnant are raised.
So if you want to become pregnant regular relaxation can help.

Researchers at Soroka University in Israel found that 28% of woman in the group that were hypnotised became pregnant as compared with 14% of those not hypnotised.

The study of 185 women was presented to the European Society of Human
Reproduction and Embryology conference in Berlin.

The Israeli researchers were looking to see if hypnosis could make the embryo transfer stage of IVF, when it is transferred into the womb, more successful.
If the womb is contracting at this point, it can affect the chances of the transplant being a success.

Hypnotherapy helped the women relax and also was used as suggestions to the subconscious mind to alter the way the body does things.
Due to the stress relieving relaxation and the suggestions which were used, the women became far more likely to become pregnant.

I received the good news this week that a lady I had done this type of hypnotherapy with is now indeed pregnant.

Now you could say that it is just a coincidence but if you believe the research done by the university then maybe relaxation could really help you to conceive.

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