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By: Keith Travis
Car manufacturer Henry Ford said "If a man thinks he can or thinks he can’t, he's right."

The mind is a very powerful thing and hypnosis can help you to change the way you deal with situations.

For instance, if you are shy and are missing out on new relationships and fun in life, hypnosis can help to change the way your thoughts work in certain situations.

Hypnotherapy is not about telling you what to do or taking over your mind and controlling you. It can be simply about getting your subconscious to agree with what your conscious may already want.
As an example, you may consciously want to go out and meet some new people.

But maybe you had a bad experience when you were younger such as being laughed at in the classroom at school.
Your subconscious could then say to itself “Remember what happens when you are in a group situation, people laugh at you.”

Then every time you think about being in a group situation you can start to feel anxious. You could then start to avoid the situations and thus avoid the anxiety, while telling yourself and everyone else that you are “shy”.

The subconscious is trying to protect you from any hurt. So the intention is good (stop having people laugh at you) but the outcome is bad (you don’t like to go out or meet new people)

Hypnotherapy can help you file away the original bad experience better so that when you could have a new pleasant experience, that could be a bit similar to the original experience ( group situation) your subconscious does not make you feel anxious.

This works for all sorts of problems including phobias, trauma, lack of confidence, self esteem and anxiety and is very easy to change with hypnotherapy.