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Stroke awareness day 
Lowering Blood Pressure Can Cut the Risk of Stroke in Half

Stroke Awareness Day: May 8th

High blood pressure and hypertension causes 62% of all strokes but almost half of all people with high blood pressure don’t realise they suffer from the condition and are thus at greater risk for stroke. A new and unique programme, Hypnotension, aims to help anyone lower their blood pressure naturally and cut their risk of stroke in half.

80% of all strokes are preventable and controlling blood pressure is a key to cutting the risk of stroke. The Hypnotension programme was developed for those with high blood pressure in mind. The programme carefully determines the individual needs of each client and a treatment is devised for that client that provides the most effective method of controlling high blood pressure.

Anyone working within the Hypnotherapy programme deals with a Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner who helps the client deal with the emotional and lifestyle factors that contribute to high blood pressure. Progress is carefully monitored to ensure the best and most effective treatment possible.

Over 90% of high blood pressure cases have no clear medical cause so doctors are only able to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying causes. Emotional and lifestyle factors exist that doctors simply don’t have the time or the resources to identify and create a unique plan of treatment for.

The Hypnotension programme puts the patient back in control by identifying and addressing the lifestyle factors that contribute to hypertension. The programme uses cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to make high blood pressure a thing of the past. Factors addressed in the Hypnotension programme include:

The emotional ‘X-Factors’ that create hypertension
How much salt a client eats
How much exercise a client does
How much alcohol a client drinks
How overweight a client is
The Hypnotension programme is an important new tool in the fight against hypertension and stroke. Considering that a reduction of just 2.5/1.4mmHg using the Hypnotension programme would lead to a 12-15% reduction in the risk of stroke and a 9-10% reduction in the risk of heart disease it’s easy to see why so many are evaluating and using this programme.

Visit the Hypnotension website to learn more, read case studies and to find your nearest Certified Hypnotension Practitioner.

Keith Travis is a certified Hypnotension practitioner