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The power of the mind


By: Keith Travis

Albert Einstein once said “What the mind can conceive, it can also achieve.”
While Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right.”

Obviously there are some things you can’t do no matter how much you think you can, like using your arms as wings to flap and then fly.

Sports stars practice this belief concept often. That is how the first 4 minute mile was run by Roger Bannister. He believed he could run that fast when everyone else didn’t. After he had accomplished that, he gave others the belief that they could also do it and now people are running it in around 3.43 minutes.

You may have heard people say they tried really hard and failed to give up smoking many times but then just gave up without any effort. What was the difference between the last effort and previous ones? This time they really wanted to do it and REALLY believed they could.

So many people say they want to do something but deep inside don’t have that burning belief that it really is possible.
That’s why some people can and others can not.
The power of the mind has given the world men on the moon, heart transplants, television, the internet and so many other great things simply because someone had enough belief that it was possible.

Another example of belief can be seen on TV talent shows where someone really has the belief they can sing to such an extent that they are prepared to be put down by the judges on the panel on national TV. We know they can’t sing and if it was us we probably would not have attended the audition,but that person has so much belief in themselves that nothing will get in the way of that belief

Here is an experiment to see how the power of the mind works.

Maybe you have a headache or some other pain or maybe you feel tired after a long day.
Now imagine what it would be like if when you said the word “Green” your pain feels more comfortable or you have more energy, or whatever you want to achieve. Just imagine your desired outcome as the colour green.
Say the word “Green”, close your eyes and pretend you can’t open them, Pretend you just can’t open those eyes,
Really try hard to test that they won’t open.
Keep testing those eyes until they just won’t open.
When you are satisfied they just won’t open say the word “Green” knowing that you will instantly feel more comfortable, have more energy or whatever outcome you wanted at the start
Now, just check to see that the suggestion has taken full effect.
When you are happy that the suggestion has taken full effect you can release the eye muscles and open the eyes simply by saying the word “Green” again. What you have just done is called Autosuggestion and hopefully it has shown
you the power of your mind. It is something that may take a bit of practice but is well worth it. Good luck!