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Where do these problems start 

By Keith Travis

When I meet people to help them with weight loss one of the questions I ask is “Do you always leave a clean plate?” They mostly reply “Yes”. The next question of cause is “Why is that?” The usual reply is “Well we were told to when we were growing up”

Its incredible how things we were told and experienced when we were little are still controlling what we do as adults.

Another example may be someone who has a problem as an adult, speaking in front of a group of people. Maybe they were in class at school many years ago and they had to stand up and answer a question. The teacher may have mocked them in front of the class when they got the answer wrong, and now that simple experience from all those years ago has become ingrained in their minds so that now they fear that every time they stand up to speak in front of people they will be mocked.

To become expert at something you have to practice and practice over and over again until you do it without thinking.

In the above examples this is what has happened. So if every time you are eating, you hear a voice in your head and its mum saying “eat all of that up because there’s starving children in the world” or “You cant go out to play until you’ve finished”

Just tell that voice that you are in charge now!!