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Who can benefit from hypnotherapy?
By: Keith Travis

I am often asked what type of people I help with hypnotherapy. There is not one type of person and everyone has a slightly different problem to sort out. I have helped nurses, dentists, vets, managers, unemployed, retired people, school children, students, therapists including other hypnotherapists, ex soldier’s sailors and air force personnel, call centre staff, owners of their own businesses, civil servants, council staff, social workers, teachers, ex professional footballers and rugby players,police men and woman,poets,musicians. I am sure I have probably missed some, but you can see that it doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from hypnotherapy can help you with so many problems. You may think of your problem as “silly” but if it is important to you then it is worth getting help to deal with it, so you can lead the life you really want to.
I will certainly not think of your problem as silly because I know how important it is to you that is why you are seeking help with it.
People are often amazed how something that had been controlling their lives can just vanish or ease off with as little as one hypnotherapy session.
The sorts of problems people come to me with are usually a lot easier to deal with than you may imagine, even though they may have had that problem for many years, sometimes a lifetime. The reason you may believe a problem will never go away is because you are trying to deal with it in your conscious mind. This is where hypnotherapy comes in so successfully because it is your subconscious mind that has the answers. So when you tap into it, simply by relaxing deeply and telling it what you really want, it can start to take on a new way of thinking and then if done correctly the problem vanishes.